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How to Choose a Coaching Institute for the Best Preparation for IIT JEE Exam

How to Choose a Coaching Institute for the Best Preparation for IIT JEE Exam

It is important to know how to choose a coaching institute that not only caters to your learning style but also meets your academic goals by giving the best possible preparation for IIT JEE exam. Every student in school dreams about getting into the best of college after their 12. But is that possible? No. There are only 23 IIT colleges, and almost every student dreaming of becoming an engineer wants to get into an IIT college. Even though there are increased seats in IIT colleges, the competition remains high. In this blog, we will discuss how to choose the best coaching institute for IIT JEE exam that gives top-notch IIT JEE exam preparation.


Why Is Coaching Necessary for IIT JEE Exam Preparation?


Preparation for IIT JEE exam is completely different from your 12th board exam. If you are wondering if you can simply score well by having the same study pattern that you have for your 12th exam, then you’re mistaken. Getting into India’s best engineering college is not easy because of the high competition, limited seats, and exam’s rigorous nature. Though there is no doubt that one can crack the exam with self-study but with the help of coaching you can get a structured approach to your studies. Along with this, you can get access to a wealth of 

resources for your exam and teachers who will assist you in every step of the way.


Toppers Academy is the coaching institute that keeps the needs of each student above all else. We are dedicated to helping our aspirants become the best engineer versions of themselves. By helping them identify their strengths and working on their weaknesses, we have helped many aspirants crack the IIT JEE exam.


How To Choose A Coaching Institute For That Feels Customized For Your Needs?


Choosing a coaching institute is not easy as it may seem to be. The most common mistake that aspirants make is that they enroll in IIT coaching institutes that they see in advertisements. Here is a list of factors that you must not miss before you got searching for a coaching institute for IIT JEE exam preparation.

Know Your Requirement For The Preparation For IIT JEE Exam

Believe it or not, the effort from the coaching institute is only 30-50% of your success. This 30-50% from coaching institutes is of greater help than you think. You must analyze your subject strengths. All three subjects, namely, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, need strong foundational knowledge to crack the IIT JEE exam. Less marks in either one of the subjects can bring down your overall score. 


While the three subjects hold equal importance in the exam, you may have a natural affinity with one or two papers in comparison to the other. However, it is important to have an almost equal, if not equal, understanding of all three papers. 


Here is an overview of the importance of each paper.

1. Physics

You can say this is the highest-scoring paper of the three. It covers a wide range of topics that are mostly interesting to read. For example, topics like electromagnetism, gravitation, mechanics, etc are mostly liked. If understood well, it will help you solve large numerical and theoretical problems. 

2. Chemistry

This is a unique subject, almost like a completely different language. At the same time, if you understand it well, it will fetch you high marks. Broad topics like Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry are important to understand.

3. Mathematics

Mathematics is the backbone of engineering. It is used in almost every aspect of engineering, from designing structures to analyzing data. A strong foundation in mathematics is essential for solving complex problems and making accurate calculations.


The Importance Of Faculty And Teaching Methodology


Teachers are the backbone of any coaching institute. Experienced and qualified teachers come with practical knowledge in the field that they can impart easily to their students. As aspirants are not homogenous, their interests, weaknesses, learning styles, etc. each differ from one another. A qualified and experienced teacher will be able to know and help each of his/her students in a personalized way. A teacher from IIT itself is more likely to understand the areas that need improvement than a teacher who is not from there. The mentor will be able to know which topics to emphasize on which topics they can downplay. Hence it is important to have qualified and experienced teachers who will help you in your preparation for IIT JEE exam.


Some of the most famous teachers for IIT JEE exam preparation are Mr. Pradeep Kumar (M.Sc, IIT Bombay), Swetnisha (M.Sc, IIT Guwahati), Vijay Kumar (M.Tech, IIT Delhi), Sumit Pratap Singh (MTech IIT Delhi,M.Sc IIT Guwahati) and a few more. You can find all of them under one roof at Toppers Academy. 


Best Study Material For IIT JEE Exam In Coaching 


You can only be as ready for the exam as the study materials you have with you enable you to be. Having the study materials for IIT JEE exam becomes very important. Unlike JEE Mains, which focuses on conceptual understanding and NCERT is needed, JEE Advanced (IIT JEE) demands advanced knowledge. Having a deeper conceptual knowledge of topics and a deeper understanding of subject matter is important. Along with NCERT, the supplement of advanced books is necessary.


Choose a coaching institute that provides you with the apt study materials that advance your knowledge and your problem-solving skills. For example: In Mathematics, when you are preparing for topic called Quadratic Equations. Although the topic is the same, the study approach is different. In the Mains exam you can practice with NCERT books, and practice it with basic solving quadratic equations. Here the focus should be on concepts of roots, determinants, graph, etc. But for Advanced or IIT, you need to delve into advanced books and practice complex problems that involve multiple quadratics, inequalities, and applications. 


Of course, it is obviously necessary to study from the books, but that is secondary. If you do not have apt books for your preparation for IIT JEE exam, you will not be able to score no matter the effort you put in. 


Ratio of Students to Teachers and Individualized Guidance

As mentioned earlier, understanding your needs involves deciding whether you prefer studying in a large or small batch. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. In a larger batch, you can cover the syllabus more quickly, while in a smaller batch, each student receives personalized attention, allowing for a more thorough understanding of concepts and clarification of doubts. However, the smaller batch approach may not cover the entire syllabus as extensively. 


For both for JEE Mains and IIT JEE/JEE Advanced, a different level of approach is required. While you can crack the JEE Mains exam with a strong foundational knowledge, preparation for IIT JEE differs. If you want to prepare for IIT JEE exam, you need to get a stronghold of every subject, i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. If you are already halfway prepared and want guidance for the exam, having a large batch size will be apt, but if you are looking for coaching that gives an in-depth knowledge of topics and personalized attention, coaching institutes with small batch sizes are what you must avail. 


Therefore, if you are aware of your specific needs, you can make an informed decision about whether you prefer to be mentored for static knowledge and then take it further to the dynamic part or whether you are already halfway prepared and require guidance on how to learn and which areas to focus on.

Which Is Better, Online or Offline Coaching For JEE?


There is no scarcity of coaching institutes; there are plenty. Therefore, it becomes more important to choose a coaching institute that provides the best preparation for the IIT JEE exam. What determines one coaching institute as the best IIT JEE coaching institute is where your requirements are fulfilled. After choosing the right institute, considering its location is important. 


There are plenty of top online coaching for IIT JEE exam in Delhi if you prefer to learn from a distance. Distance learning can save you time that is usually spent on commuting, allowing you to utilize that time for exam preparation.


Offline coaching institutes for IIT JEE exam provide the in-person experience of a classroom setting. You can even ask questions to the teachers on the go as you have doubts. Apart from that, offline coaching institutes also provide an environment of competition.


Test Series PDF Notes And Mock Tests For JEE Advanced 


Without testing your preparation for the IIT JEE exam, you can never truly know how well you are prepared. Test series that are of an equal or higher standard to the actual exam provide a more transparent way to assess your preparation. If you rely solely on self-study and self-testing, you may not be able to identify your shortcomings effectively. This is why choosing a coaching institute that provides a comprehensive test series is crucial for IIT JEE exam preparation. The faculty members at these institutes can provide personalized guidance and mentorship, helping you identify areas that require more focus and improvement. Apart from this, other study materials like PdF notes, and recorded lectures are also important. 


IIT JEE or JEE Advanced demands a thorough understanding of the subjects. With the apt test series, you will be able to test your understanding of the topics you have covered. At the same time, mock tests in coaching institutes play a big role in your preparation for JEE Advanced exam. Practicing your critical thinking in an exam environment is a different challenge. A lot of the time in spite of having the knowledge, aspirants get overwhelmed in exam; this happens mostly because of a lack of practice in mock tests. 


It is important that it provides you with these facilities as well as gives valuable feedback on your performance. At Toppers Academy, these factors are well taken care of. Even the feedback that is given back to aspirants are by our expert, qualified, and experienced faculty members.


IIT JEE Coaching Fees


It is true that all coaching institutes charge exorbitant fees to assist you with IIT JEE exam preparation. But, it is only just if they coaching institutes also provide with the same facilities and assistance in equivalence to the fees they are charging. The factors that determine the fee structure of that coaching institute are:

1. Having qualified and experienced faculty members.

2. Batch size of the classroom: smaller batch sizes provide personalized attention that is not possible in a packed class.

3. Access to clear doubts with teachers on a one-on-one level in all modes.

4. Quality of notes, test series, and study materials

5. Availability of feedback by expert faculty members rather than computer assistance or by inexperienced teachers.


Toppers Academy provides the best assistance to its candidates and assists them at every step of the way that can help them prepare for the IIT JEE exam. 




For every point that is mentioned above, the only name that fits best to all the conditions is Toppers Academy. Toppers Academy is the best IIT JEE coaching institute in Delhi. Apart from having the best faculty, it also provides the best study materials for IIT JEE, handwritten PdF notes, and recorded lectures. The small batch strength caters to the needs of all aspirants as it focuses on providing personalized attention to each of its students. 


Remember, preparation for IIT JEE exam takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Coaching institutes can only boost up your preparation stream by streamlining the topics that are important. It is you who has to study well for the exam. 

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