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How To Crack JEE Main Exam Without Coaching

How To Crack JEE Main Exam Without Coaching

JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) is a challenging exam. The competition is tough and the competition is only increasing by the years. The data released by NTA (National Testing Agency) which is the exam conducting body shows the increased number of competition in the exam. In 2022 a total of 9.5 lakh students had appeared which in 2023 increased to 10.5 lakhs. However, if you are wondering how to crack JEE main exam without coaching, read this article till the end. 

It is the exam for higher studies that gives the least number of attempts to crack it.  However, for JEE, one only gets 6 attempts in total to crack JEE mains. This is what makes JEE exams one of the toughest exams in India. A lot of engineering aspirants opt for coaching to supplement their JEE exam preparation. 

In this article, we will discuss how to crack the JEE main exam without coaching if you start your exam preparation on the 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th. 

How To Crack JEE Main Without Coaching In First Attempt 

Cracking JEE main on the very first attempt is something that every engineering aspirant wants. It is the basic exam for every engineering and architecture college in India. Additionally, if you want to crack the JEE Advanced, the challenge doubles as to qualify for JEE Advanced, one needs to score amongst the top 2,50,000 rank. 

Other than IITs, even if you get top rank in JEE mains, you can get admission in other top colleges in India. Some other top colleges that accept JEE Mains scorers for admission are:

  • Delhi Technological University, Delhi
  • Jadavpur University, Kolkata
  • Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana
  • Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram
  • Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
  • Army Institute of Technology, Pune
  • Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala
  • Amity School of Engineering, Noida, etc

Each year can create a huge difference in your exam preparation for JEE. The preparation for JEE main from class 9 will be different than you are in your 12th class. Let us discuss how to crack the JEE main exam without coaching in the first attempt. 

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How To Prepare For JEE In Class 9?

If you are wondering how to crack JEE main exam without coaching, you must know the earlier you start preparing for JEE, the better. This is because of two reasons: First being the JEE exam has only 6 attempts and that it is an entrance exam for the undergraduate degree. This means that the longer it takes you to crack the exam, the more you will fall behind in your educational growth. Starting early allows you to build a strong foundation in the subjects tested on the exam and gradually increase your difficulty level as you progress through your academic career. Additionally, early preparation gives you ample time to identify and address any weaknesses you may have, ensuring that you are well-equipped to tackle the exam with confidence.

Here are some tips on how to prepare for JEE without coaching:

Know The Syllabus

Knowing the syllabus is the most vital. Without knowing the syllabus, you will not know which topics to focus on while reading in 9th standard. We know that JEE exam tests your knowledge on three subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. While studying these subjects, one focuses on topics that are asked in the JEE exam. Some of the core subjects that are later studied in depth are: 


  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Geometry
  • Mensuration
  • Statistics


  • Atomic Structure
  • Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
  • Nomenclature and Classification of Organic Compounds
  • General Organic Chemistry


  • Mechanics
  • Heat and Thermodynamics
  • Electromagnetism
  • Optics
  • Modern Physics

Plan Strategy

Starting preparation for JEE mains exam from such a young class will automatically benefit you. You will have more time to prepare well for your exam in contrary to if you had started your exam preparation in 11th and 12th. This is because the syllabus change from 10th to 11th is huge. A lot of the students are b urdened with the syllabus so they get less time to revisit the basics. 

In 9th you must try to strengthen your basics at the same time, try to finish the 10th syllabus. This is to keep a year in hand dedicated to JEE preparation. Your focus should be on completing a year’s study in advance and strength the basics so to understand the advanced studies in the classes ahead.

Build A Strong Foundation

JEE mains is a tough exam and every year the competition is increasing. The only way to get ahead from the rest is to better prepare. This you can do by having a precise knowledge of physics, chemistry, and mathematics. 

Here are some tips on how you can do that for each subject:


  • Algebra: This is a foundational subject for mathematics and covers topics such as linear equations, quadratic equations, polynomials, and inequalities.
  • Geometry: This is another foundational subject for mathematics and covers topics such as triangles, circles, polygons, and coordinate geometry.
  • Trigonometry: This subject covers topics such as trigonometric ratios, identities, and equations.
  • Mensuration: This subject covers topics such as area, volume, and perimeter of different shapes.
  • Statistics: This subject covers topics such as data collection, data analysis, and probability.


  • Matter-Nature and Behaviour: Concentrate on the themes this topic talks on like, difference between solid, liquid, and gas. The conditions of the three matters; about particles and their nature and unit.
  • Motion, Force and Work: Learn carefully the different effects of motion and its formula. Newton’s law, work of gravitation, work, power, energy and sound. 


  • Matter-Nature and Behaviour: Learn about the nature of matter and how it behaves in different temperatures.
  • Atomic Structure: Learn about the structure of atoms and different models used to describe the structure
  • Atoms and Molecules: Here learn about the concepts regarding compounds and their molecular mass which will lead the the higher topics of mole concept and concentration terms.  


After you prepare a topic, always assess your preparation. You can also get yourself PYQs of JEE exam. Along with that, NCERT books give additional understanding of topics. NCERT books come along with several questions and problems that you can solve and practice.

Be consistent

Be consistent in your approach. Everyday practice of knowledge is necessary. Maintain a timetime for each subject so you can concentrate on each subject equally. 

How To Prepare For JEE In Class 10?

Class 10th is an important year as you have your boards. If you want to know how to crack JEE main exam without coaching, this is how your prepare for JEE main exam in 10th class. The first priority should always be given to your borders exam. This is because if you do not perform well, you might not get he science stream afterall. However, if you search it online the information shows that a minimum of 60% is required to crack the exam but the reality is different. The cut-off in top schools usually goes up to 85-95% in the 10th board exams. 

If you are already sure about getting the science stream, then preparing for JEE mains exam should be your second priority.

Prepare For Boards First

In the 10th class, one should prepare for the boards first. If you are unable to score well, getting into the science stream is difficult. Prepare for all subjects but since you are focusing on JEE, you must have a clear understanding of Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics). 

Know the syllabus

If you have JEE mains in mind, knowing the syllabus is a must. You will realize that a lot of topics resonate with the syllabus of JEE mains exam. The benefit of knowing the syllabus for JEE mains is that you will know which topics one must concentrate on in order to have a clear understanding of topics that will be studied in advance.

Strategy To Cover

If you are starting your preparation for JEE exam, having a strategy for the exam is important. Balancing the 10th syllabus along with JEE mains is tricky, but with the right strategy, you can prepare for JEE without coaching. If you see the syllabus, a lot of the chapters coincide with the topics that come in JEE mains exam. You must learn all the subjects with equal devotion of time however, since your focus is JEE mains, focus on the conceptual understanding of subjects like Maths, Chemistry and Physics.

Mathematics Topics

  1. Number System: Having a clear understanding of this subject will help you in your JEE main when you will solve topics like Divisibility, Modular Arithmetic, Inequalities and Continued Fractions.
  2. Algebra: The basic understanding of this will help you in future when you will have to deal with tougher topics like permutations and combinations, binomial theorem, Sequence and progressions.
  3. Geometry and Coordinate Geometry: In 11th we have advanced concepts of coordinate geometry which includes parabolas, ellipses, and hyperbolas.
  4. Trigonometry: The basics of trigonometry include, trigonometric ratios, identities, and equations. This will advance to inverse trigonometric functions, graphs of trigonometric functions, and applications in calculus.
  5. Mensuration: The basics that include finding the area and volume of simple shapes, will advance to finding the volume and surface area of solids along with the application in calculus.
  6. Statistics & Probability: Learn about mean, median and mode of grouped data and ungrouped data. This will advance to topics like  probability distributions, Baye’s Theorem. For JEE mains exam questions from this topic will advance to solving problems related to probability, sampling, and data analysis.

Physics Topics

  1. Natural Phenomena: Here you will read about refraction, reflection and result of lights in mirrors. While these concepts are introduced in 12th grade, they form the foundation for understanding optics and play a crucial role in the JEE Mains exam.
  2. Work: Learn about the different effects of work, motion and energy. As the advanced study will help you understand topics like Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Electromagnetism, etc. 

Chemistry Topics

  1. Learn the entire periodic table. This is like the ABC of chemistry. Learning the atoms will help you solve problems better and faster in the future.
  2. Chemical Bonding is another topic that will help you understand the nature of different elements.
  3. Acids, Bases, and, Salts is the introductory chapter to Electrochemistry that is an important chapter in JEE mains.
  4. Organic Chemistry is the most important topic in all of chemistry. Having a basic understanding of this chapter is very important. 

Study Materials

Along with your course books, you must also get yourself NCERT books and PYQs. While solving NCERT will help you test your understanding of the subject, solving PYQs will help you get used to the questions that come in the exam. Solving questions will also improve your time management and problem solving skills. You can also find best books for JEE mains exam online.

Manage Time

Effective time management becomes crucial in class 10 as you have both the board exams and JEE Mains to prepare for. While preparing for JEE Mains in advance is crucial, achieving good marks in the board exams is equally important to secure admission into the science stream. The cut-off for science stream admission in schools increases with the intense competition for a limited number of seats. Therefore, effectively managing time for both exams becomes essential this is because low marks even in a single subject can bring down your entire percentile. 

How To Prepare For JEE In Class 11?

In Class 11, the transition to more advanced topics and a more comprehensive syllabus demands a strategic approach to JEE Main preparation. Building upon the foundation laid in previous years, students should now delve deeper into each subject, emphasizing conceptual clarity and in-depth understanding. Mathematics becomes more intricate, with topics like calculus and mathematical reasoning requiring attention. In Physics, delving into mechanics, thermodynamics, and electromagnetism is crucial. Chemistry expands to include topics like thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, and equilibrium. It is essential to maintain consistency in study habits and practice problem-solving regularly. Furthermore, staying updated with the latest exam patterns and trends ensures that your preparation aligns with the evolving nature of the JEE Main. As Class 11 sets the stage for the final push in Class 12, a focused and disciplined approach during this year lays the groundwork for a successful JEE Main journey without coaching.

If you want to know how to crack JEE main exam without coaching in 11th standard, this is how.

Syllabus Knowledge

Having a complete knowledge of the syllabus will help you analysis the topics that you need to concentrate on more. Just like the change in the syllabus of 2024 JEE mains exam, Now the syllabus looks a lot like the NCERT. About 90% of the topics that are in the NCERT are there and almost everything else have been reduced. 

Study Materials

The books that you are studying for 11th are good enough but additionally you can add these to your shelf:


  • R.D. Sharma: This book is the bible if you are concentrating on JEE mains exam preparation. This book covers each and every topic of JEE mains.
  • G Tewani Cengage Publications: If you are well versed with the conceptual understanding of the topics, this can prove to be a great book for you.


  • Concepts of physics (Vol. 1 and 2) by H.C Verma
  • Problems in General Physics by I.E Irodov


  •  KS Verma Cengage Publications. This book has three different volumes for class XI and covers all the topics of Class XI chemistry.
  • Organic Chemistry by O P Tandon. Use this book for deep understanding of organic chemistry
  • Concept of Physical Chemistry by P Bahadur. Practice numericals from this book to achieve confidence in the problem solving mathematical part of the chemistry.

Prepare For 12th Already

You must prepare for 12th boards exam already and try to cover your 12th syllabus in your 11th standard. This is because in the 12th the time contaraint is tight and to cover the syllabus for IIT mains and 12th boards is nearly impossible. With considerable more time you will be able to work on your flaws and subjects that are not of your interest. Because falling behind in one topic can prevent you from enrolling in the course you want to take or studying at the college of your choice. 

Practice With PYQs: Along with learning topics, it is at the same time important to practice the problems related to that subject. Practicing with PYQs will help you know the type of questions that come in the exam. 

How To Prepare For JEE In Class 12?

The 12th standard is the most crucial. You are eligible to sit for the JEE mains exam. You can either choose to sit for this exam after the boards.

Plan Your Exam

  • Choose to sit for the JEE Mains exam after the boards: This option gives you more time to focus on your board exams first, and then you can switch your focus to JEE Mains preparation after you’ve finished your boards. This strategy can be helpful if you need more time to prepare for the boards, or if you’re not sure how well you’ll do on the JEE Mains exam.
  • Choose to sit for the JEE Mains exam before the boards: This option can help you gauge your level of preparedness for the JEE Mains exam, and it can also help you identify areas where you need to focus your studies. However, it’s important to note that this strategy can be stressful, and it may require you to sacrifice some study time for your board exams.

Work on Problem-Solving Skills

JEE Mains is different from Boards. Where boards test your theoretical knowledge of the topic, JEE mains tests your practical knowledge. That is to say, JEE mains tests your problem-solving skills seeing your skill to implement the theories you have studied. 

Practice everyday

Practicing your skills is necessary. For this, you can refer to many mock tests and test series. If you feel any topic is completed but you are not confident about what you have studied, solve questions related to the topic. 

You must know that in JEE mains the questions are not direct. The questions are related to many other different topics that form a question. Meaning they are composite in nature. For example, A single question from rotation will have the implications of concepts from topics like Mass, Newton’s Law, Kinematic’s, Work, Power and Energy. 


Going back to the basics is something you must do almost every day.

The best books to use are:


  1. NCERT
  2. Objective Mathematics by R D Sharma: This book covers a wide range of topics and provides a good foundation for JEE Mains preparation. 
  3. Plane Trigonometry by S L Loney: This book is a classic reference for trigonometry and is essential for JEE Mains preparation.
  4. The Elements of Coordinate Geometry by S L Loney: This book is another classic reference for coordinate geometry and is essential for JEE Mains preparation. 
  5. Algebra by Dr S K Goyal Arihant Publications: This book is a comprehensive reference for algebra and is essential for JEE Mains preparation. 
  6. Play with Graphs by Amit M Agarwal (Arihant Publications): This book is a great resource for learning how to use graphs effectively in JEE Mains problems. 
  7. Differential Calculus by Amit M Agarwal (Arihant Publications): This book is a comprehensive reference for differential calculus and is essential for JEE Mains preparation. 
  8. Integral Calculus by Amit M Agarwal (Arihant Publications): This book is a comprehensive reference for integral calculus and is essential for JEE Mains preparation. 
  9. G Tewani Cengage Publications: A set of 5 books which contains Algebra, Calculus, Vectors and Three dimensional geometry, Trigonometry and Coordinate Geometry.


  1. Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations by R.C. Mukherjee: This book is a great resource for learning how to solve chemical calculations effectively. 
  2. Organic Chemistry by O P Tandon: This book is a comprehensive reference for organic chemistry and is essential for JEE Mains preparation. 
  3. Concept of Physical Chemistry by P Bahadur: This book is a comprehensive reference for physical chemistry and is essential for JEE Mains preparation. 
  4. Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J D Lee: This book is a good reference for inorganic chemistry and is essential for JEE Mains preparation. 
  5. Physical Chemistry by P.W. Atkins: This book is a comprehensive reference for physical chemistry and is a good resource for JEE Mains preparation. 


  1. NCERT Physics Textbook: This textbook is a good resource for understanding the basics of physics and is essential for JEE Mains preparation.
  2. Concepts of Physics by H.C. Verma: This book is a comprehensive reference for physics and is essential for JEE Mains preparation.
  3. Problems in General Physics by I.E. Irodov: This book is a collection of challenging physics problems and is a good resource for JEE Mains preparation. 
  4. HC Verma Physics Solutions: This book is a collection of solutions to the problems in H.C. Verma’s book and is a good resource for JEE Mains preparation. 

Get Mentorship

Although it is somewhat of a gift to know how to crack JEE main exam without coaching, it can also be challenging if you do not comprehend it. If you are unable to figure out the strategy to crack JEE mains exam it can lead you to wasting your time in preparation for the exam and we all know how important time is when it comes to JEE mains exam. To avoid this, you can take mentorship for JEE mains exam from someone who is qualified and educated to guide you. It can be your parents or your teachers too. Do not hesitate to take mentorship.


Hope after reading this article, you now know how to crack JEE main exam without coaching. JEE Mains is a tough exam and becomes even more challenging when you decide to prepare for it all by yourself. Though the exam and the competition is tough, you can crack the exam. If you put your attention on practicing consistently, preparing strategically, creating a solid foundation, and managing your time well. 

Build equal interest for Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry as this can help you crack the JEE mains exam with top marks. The benefit of this is either you can join top colleges with the Mains score or if you are able to score amongst 2,50,000 rank, you become eligible for JEE Advanced. JEE Advanced is the entrance exam to IITs and other top colleges in India. 

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