School Integrated Program

School Integrated Program 2021

The most reputed Schools in India have tied up with Toppers Academy for NEET Medical / IIT-JEE offers an integrated Course for the students of 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th standard in the respective schools.

In this course, preparation for competitive exams for Medical | Engineering Entrance such as AIIMS|NEET|JEE, etc. and formal school education Board Exams are completely synchronized under one roof, during school hours and within school premises.

This course developed by Toppers Academy is a revolutionary approach for competitive exam preparation which even surpasses the system adopted from Delhi. The main advantage of this course is that it synchronizes preparation for multiple exams and saves students time as they do not have to travel between coaching classes and school. For 5 hours per day, 2 days in a week, students are taught Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Maths for NEET /IIT JEE entrance examinations by TOPPERS ACADEMY faculty members during school hours and within the school premises. In the remaining 4 days of school, teachers will take care of the rest of the subjects of their respective Boards along with the practice this approach enables a stress-free learning environment and a dual advantage for students enabling them to excel in competitive exams and produce the best results in the school|board exams as per the respective board curriculum of the school.

Toppers Academy 

The Toppers Academy is at the top of the list for the Medical Entrance Examination of NEET because of the excellence in providing quality education to their students for the preparation of NEET.  It is the first choice for the students because of its wonderful work within the given time of preparation. The faculty deliver the best teaching in order to maintain the quality of education provided to their respective students. The extraordinary performance of the institution in the previous years is proving it to be dynamic with the changes in the Exam Pattern and the syllabus when required. 

Advantages Of Toppers Academy 

The advantages of pursuing the NEET Preparation from the institute are as follows:

    •  Teaching faculty-The excellent teaching faculty providing them supervision can help them to improve and enhance the confidence of students and motivate them. 
    •  Online classes-The classes of lectures related to different subjects reducing the time of wastage in traveling and in terms of safety. 
    • Time schedule-The well-designed schedule provided to utilize the maximum productive hours in studying different subjects.
    • The study material- the material provided to the students is inclusive of the payment of admission fees.


The Streams of Guidance provided to the students are as following:

  • NEET Courses
  • IIT-JEE MAINS Courses
  • Medical and Engineering olympiads 
  • AIIMS Medical Courses


The descriptive details of the Institute are as follows:


The study material  provided by the coaching classes are well designed in order to have demonstrative sessions with explanatory study materials which include the following:

  • The demo lectures provided are explanatory and help them to choose from the options.
  • The test series is conducted on a regular basis.
  • The online class sessions with the best faculty help in a detailed understanding of each topic.
  • The doubt clearing sessions provide help to the students to understand and resolve mistakes.

Features Of Toppers Academy 

The specifications of Toppers Academy in the field of coaching are mentioned in the following:

  • The faculty is highly qualified and competent for work to maintain the standard of education
  • It provides classroom face-to-face classes to the courses for Medical Entrance Examination as well as  All India Engineering Entrance Examination.
  • It provides online classes to their students for their convenience as well as helps them to utilize the time of traveling in their studies.
  • It has an excellent concept of Doubt Clearing Sessions for solving the queries and conducting Mock Tests for accessing their performance meanwhile their preparation.    

Course Offered  

There is a wide range of courses provided to the students to help them to improve their performance in the Entrance Examination conducted at the national level and are stated below:

  • Classes for students from VI to XII from CBSE
  • Medical classes ( programs of one year, two years, and crash courses )
  • Engineering classes (  one-year programs/ two-years program/ crash courses)

What We Provided 

  • Updated Study Material
  • Interactive Live Classes
  • Free Booklets for IIT JEE, and NEET
  • Doubt clearing classes
  • Answer writing practice sessions
  • Periodic Tests series on updated NEET and Medical area
  • Regular feedbacks


  • The entire course will be covered in 15 phases- 4 phases in class IX, 4 phases in Class X, 4 phases in Class XI, &
    3 phases in Class XII followed by special classes of the Rank Improvement Program.
  • Extensive coverage of additional topics for JEE (Main).
  • Each phase has exhaustive quizzes and Phase Tests (both on JEE Main & JEE Advanced pattern).
  • Phase Tests are followed by Test Analysis Sessions.
  • Subjects covered will be Science, Mathematics, Social Studies and Mental Ability in class IX & X and Physics; Chemistry & Maths in class XI & XII.
  • Comprehensive study material: meticulously planned and comprehensive study material is provided to students. 
  • WorkBooks for Home Assignment.
  • All India Internal Test Series (AIiTS): These tests make students acquainted with a diverse set of examination patterns and confer them with their National level performance ranking in the respective patterns. Tests conducted are based on school integrated programs.
  • Chapter Practice Problem: To improve the performance of students and to ensure that they understand the topics and concepts properly, students are provided with practice problems that they have to solve and submit before the beginning of the next chapter. This ensures that all students understand the concepts and topics properly. These solutions will be checked by the teaching faculty and will be returned to the students with remarks and suggestions. Thus helping every student to have a strong command over fundamental concepts, knowledge is very crucial for getting Top ranks.
  • Class Learning Improvement Program (CLIP): Icing on the cake of every class will be done through the Class Learning Improvement Program for those who have completed all assignments to further help them get a higher rank/performance in JEE (Main & Advanced) and Board Exams but for all Other Engineering Entrance Exams, Junior Science Olympiad & various Talent Search Exam conducted by State Government like JSTSE (Delhi) / SSTSE (Rajasthan) / MSCE (Maharashtra) in class IX & NTSE in class X.
  • Success Potential Index (SPI): We are the only institute in India having the capability to predict the Success Potential Index (SPI) of a student. We constantly encourage our students to improve their Success Potential Index (SPI).
  • Mock Board Test Papers.
  • NTSE Mock Test Papers.
  • All India Open Test Series for Target NTSE – You can check your current level of preparation for Competitive exams and compete with the Top students currently studying in class 10 with the help of the Open Test Series, Open Test Series helps in checking the fundamental preparation of every candidate for IIT-JEE on topics of class 9th and 10th. 
  • Regular feedback & test analysis sessions.
  • All India Computer Based Test Series (AITS – CBT): to be conducted at the National Level on the present & expected pattern of JEE (Main & Advanced).
  • Rank Improvement Program (RIP).
  • JEE Archive: Question Bank with Answers.
  • Grand Masters Package (GMP): An exclusive concept-wise fundamental-based package of more than 1700 Top quality problems on JEE Main & Advanced pattern testing your understanding of the subject. It covers all aspects of JEE Main & Advanced problem-solving Techniques.
  • A study Program in the school with a synergistic approach to the X Board studies as well as JEE (Main & Advanced) / Other Competitive Entrance Exams besides enhancing I.Q.
  • A program that ensures the same teacher for overall Academic Excellence in IX, X studies + Foundation JEE /
  • Jr. & Sr. Science Olympiad / NTSE / KVPY Other Competitive Exams etc.
  • A study plan prepared with the sole aim of easing the minds of students and helping them focus on their studies and prepare for the examination with full concentration by unlocking extra time and encouraging students to self-study that students might not have got earlier and also giving them sufficient time for co-curricular activities, sports, social activities, etc which are important for their personality development.
  • A study program in the school with a synergistic approach to the XII Board studies as well as JEE (Main & Advanced) / NTSE / Other Competitive Entrance Exams preparation.
  • A program that ensures the same teacher for XI, XII studies & JEE (Main & Advanced) preparation as well as practical.
  • A program for both Boards as well as JEE (Main & Advanced) Preparation – that will complement each other.
  • A program that will prepare students extremely well for not only JEE (Main & Advanced) and board exams but for all Other Engineering Entrance Exams & Scholastic Exams like Jr. Science Olympiad in class IX, various Talent Search Exams conducted by State Government like JSTSE (Delhi) / SSTSE (Rajasthan) / MSCE (Maharashtra), etc in class IX, NTSE in class X & KVPY / Sr. Science Olympiad in class XI & XII.

Fee Structure Details Of Toppers Academy 

Topper’s Academy
AddressOnline NEET Coaching
Contact Number7827048964
Fee Structure

Crash Course RS: 36,000+ 18% GST Foundation Courses Include 

  • For 1 Year: Rs. 55000+ 18% GST 
  • For 2 Years: RS. 1,00,000+ 18% GST 
  • For 3 Years: RS.2,00,000 + 18% GST