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How To Choose an IIT JEE Coaching in Delhi?

Making the right choice for an IIT JEE coaching in Delhi is crucial since it will have a big impact on your life. Students who take subjects like mathematics, physics, and chemistry in their 12th grade year are eligible to take the IIT JEE exam. Thousands of students apply for this extremely competitive exam each year, and the competition only gets fiercer. JEE Main is the qualifying exam for JEE Advanced, and 11 lakh candidates applied for it in 2023. It is therefore crucial that you select the top JEE coaching in Delhi for yourself. This post will go over the things to look out for when selecting the best IIT JEE coaching in Delhi.

Know Your NEEDS For JEE Exam

Knowing your unique requirements for IIT exam preparation is crucial. Some students want to start their IIT JEE preparation in their seventh year of school, while others want to start in their eleventh. Some students are just looking for structured help or review—the last missing piece—after having already completed their independent study. For others, though, a solid foundation of preparation is necessary. Some people, however, require one-on-one guidance in order to succeed in the IIT JEE exam.

There is a particular kind of coaching that you need to determine for each situation. Searching for the “best JEE coaching in Delhi” on Google and selecting the first or second result that appears on the screen is not enough.

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Know The Different Types Of Coaching 

There are various types of coaching institutes available, each with its own vision, motivation, and class offerings. In the digital age, online coaching institutes have become increasingly popular, delivering classes through social media platforms like YouTube or dedicated apps. This broadens the options for aspiring IIT JEE candidates.

Many students are drawn to online platforms for their convenience, as their busy schedules often leave little time for traditional classroom attendance or self-study. However, it’s important to understand the different types of coaching available before making an informed decision.

Crash Course Coaching

For those who have finished their syllabus but still need a last-minute review, this kind of coaching is available. You can use this after finishing the syllabus, even though it is not advised for exam preparation—especially for one as difficult as the JEE Advanced exam.  This can be used as a supplemental resource after finishing the syllabus, but it is not advised to use it as your main source of exam preparation, especially for a difficult exam like JEE Advanced.

Classroom Based Coaching

Classes are offered five or six days a week in this more conventional coaching format. The classes last three to four hours every day. Classes are rigorous and regular here. Because of the size of your classes, you will be in a batch of 300–400 students.  Some coaching facilities do, however, provide smaller batch sizes.

One-on-One Coaching

One-on-one coaching is ideal for students starting from scratch. They receive personalized attention and the perfect platform to ask questions in a smaller class setting (35-45 students) compared to a larger classroom environment with hundreds of students.

Online Coaching

Many candidates, especially post-pandemic, prefer this option due to its convenience and time-saving nature. Students often feel tired after a long school day and find it challenging to commute to coaching classes. Online coaching provides a flexible alternative.

Advantages Of Offline Coaching For IIT JEE exam

Offline coaching is beneficial because it allows for one-on-one interaction with instructors. This is especially valuable given the significant leap in syllabus complexity between the 10th and 11th standards, which often leaves students struggling to grasp new concepts. Offline coaching provides structured guidance and dedicated doubt-clearing sessions with experts, facilitating a deeper understanding of challenging material.

Coaching From IIT Experts

Teachers at the coaching institutes are typically IIT graduates who themselves cleared the IIT JEE exam. With teachers from elite IIT colleges like IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay, and others, Toppers Academy offers the best IIT JEE coaching in Delhi. We even have PhD holders who are subject matter experts with years of teaching experience.

Doubt Clearing Session

During preparation for the JEE Main or Advanced exams, it’s natural to encounter doubts. Many topics, like Thermodynamics, Optics, Kinetics, and Permutation and Combination, are introduced for the first time, which can lead to confusion and uncertainty. Having a dedicated mentor who can guide students effectively and clear their doubts is crucial for success.

Competitive Environment

Studying alongside other students fosters a dynamic environment that facilitates knowledge exchange, collaborative learning, and strategy sharing. Preparing for the JEE exams, particularly the Advanced level, can be incredibly stressful due to the high level of difficulty. The challenging questions often require unconventional problem-solving approaches and necessitate thinking beyond the confines of traditional learning. This competitive environment provides an impetus to strive for excellence and continuous improvement.

Disadvantages Of Offline Coaching For IIT JEE exam

Despite its numerous advantages, offline coaching also presents some challenges for students. Balancing the demands of JEE preparation with schoolwork, especially with the heavy 11th and 12th grade syllabus, can be difficult. Here are some common difficulties faced by students preparing for the IIT JEE exam:

Time constraint

Balancing school and coaching can get hectic as the student hardly gets time for self-study and rest. The volume of work by schools and coaching institutes can get a bit overwhelming. The major time is used up in travel.

Lack of Flexibility

IIT JEE exam demands a lot from students, and the worst thing is, this is one thing which the student does not have. From running to school to then coaching, the aspirant hardly gets time for self-study. Since the coaching usually follows a rigid timing it adds stress and pressure to the student who has to manage school and coaching together. 

Lack of Personal Attention

A lot of the IIT JEE coaching in Delhi pack their classes with students. Each class has around 500-600 students in each batch. In this case the aspirant hardly gets the chance to bring forward his/her doubt to the teacher. In Topper’s Academy, we make sure every student gets equal attention. For this we keep our batch sizes small (only 40-50 students).

Advantages Of Online Coaching For IIT JEE Exam

After the pandemic, a lot of the coaching institutes have started their online coaching. This type of coaching has had a huge crowd turnover because of many things. Firstly, we know that the JEE exam is highly competitive and difficult. And balancing school and coaching can get hectic too. A major amount of energy is spent in the travel and by the time the student reaches coaching he/she is half exhausted and can hardly concentrate in the class. Here are a list of advantages for joining online coaching.


Online coaching can allow you to learn topics at your own pace. A lot of the times coaching institutes rushes with the syllabus. This might not be a problem for the ones who are already done with their syllabus but the one who need coaching from scratch this can be an issue. Apart from this online classes will also save your time which you can use to relax and reenergize yourself before you start your classes.

Saves Money

Online classes are comparatively less costly than the traditional offline courses. You can save your commute time and your energy which you can channelize in your studies. The students have a tough time at a very young age as they have to balance the 12th as well as the prepare for the IIT exam. Coaching becomes the only option for a lot of the students. Most coaching charge a lot of fees for Offline classes, with online classes which are less costly, the students get the same materials and coaching online. Why not choose this?

Disadvantages Of Online Coaching For IIT JEE Exam

The online coaching comes with a lot of advantages but it has its own set of drawbacks. IIT JEE exam is not easy and the student might have a lot of doubts to address. With offline when the student could address the problem at the very moment this can sometimes be delayed. Here is the list of disadvantages mostly faced by students .

Lack of Self Discipline 

Most of the students find it difficult to stay on tract with the online coaching which is a little less possible with Offline coaching. Online coaching requires a higher degree of concentration and discipline.

Limited or No Interaction

Though this is a bliss to many it can come in the way of your strategy growth. We know IIT JEE exam is difficult and the better strategy you have for your exam preparation the better. The coaching of course gives a strategy but sometimes it does not work. With peer interaction you also learn better how to prepare for IIT exam

Internet Disturbances

Not everyone gets a stable internet connect. For a student who is preparing IIT JEE exam, this can be a great hindrance. Technical glitches can distract you from getting smooth learning process. 

Know The Teacher For JEE Exam

When you are choosing the best JEE coaching in Delhi, you must be weary of the teacher who will be teaching you. You must always choose a coaching institute that has IIT level teachers who themselves have cracked the exam. An IIT level teacher will know better about which subjects or topics to emphasise on and where to downplay. 
Toppers Academy has the best teachers for IIT exam, we have from IIT graduates to PhD teachers who are through in the subject at the same time qualified and experienced to guide you crack the JEE exam. 
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Personalized Attention

If you are preparing from scratch there should not be anything you must be looking for other than a coaching institute that provides personalized attention. With personalized attention the teacher will be guiding you better. Assessing your performance tracking the tutor will guide you better based on your strengths and weaknesses. 
With the syllabus change in JEE Main 2023 there is a lot of confusion about how to approach the new syllabus change. With personalized attention this problem can be dismissed. 

Quality Study Materials For IIT

Availability of quality study materials is required more than ever now because of many reasons. Firstly, the competition has become higher than ever. In 2023, more than 11 lakh students appeared for the JEE Main exam and the statistics say the numbers are only going to get higher. Secondly, since the syllabus has changed the requirement for top-notch study materials are a big requirement. 

Regular Assessment

The combination of personalized attention and regular assessment is the perfect marriage of the best JEE coaching in Delhi. With regular assessment, you will be able to know where you lack in your preparation. Though a lot of the students run away from class tests in order to hide away from getting low marks, this is really important. Does not matter if you get low marks in your first test, the improvement in tests after matters. 


All the points mentioned above are crucial considerations when choosing the best IIT JEE coaching in Delhi. Remember, the JEE is a highly challenging exam, and top-level coaching can significantly enhance your preparation. Coaching provides structured guidance, helps you develop effective study strategies, and highlights key chapters with high weightage in the exam. Additionally, with the syllabus change in 2023, the expert predictions of experienced teachers can be invaluable in optimizing your preparation and creating a personalized study strategy. However, it’s important to remember that coaching is simply a tool. While it can facilitate your learning and improve your chances of success, ultimately, it’s your dedication and hard work that will determine your performance in the IIT exam. The experts are there to guide you, but the responsibility of learning and preparing rests solely on you.

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