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Top Coaching In India For NEET And AIIMS Preparation
January 6, 2021
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Top 10 Online IIT JEE Coaching in Bhubaneswar
January 6, 2021

Prepare for your IIT-JEE Exam with the Best IIT-JEE Coaching Institute in India 

Top IIT-JEE Coachings in India will guide you through the process of choosing the best coaching institute in India and will take you through the steps of achieving success in the IIT-JEE exam. The most important step is to find and join a coaching institute that suits the needs of young aspirants, there are various coaching institutes in India that promise a lot of stuff but fail to deliver, be vary of such institutes and avoid them at all cost. With a proper understanding of what IIT-JEE is all about and all the information, one might need about the IIT-JEE competitive exam this list is made to help the young aspirants.

Best IIT-JEE Coachings in India to help you crack the IIT-JEE exam :

Though it’s a fairly healthy competition, the IIT-JEE exam pushes many aspirants to their limits and the aspirants experience a lot of pressure which can be fairly tiresome at times. Best IIT-JEE Coachings in India makes things a lot simpler and does the hard work for you. We have provided you with a list of all of the Best IIT-JEE Coachings in India below so that you don’t have to waste your time searching for a coaching institute that suits your needs and can get to your preparation right away. One does not need to fear as with a little bit of persuasion and changes in their daily life anyone can crack the IIT exam, the real key to success is to practice, and being honest about the failures, and acknowledge those failures and push through them.

About India :

India is a developing country and with an overall literacy rate of 69.1 percent in 2019 India is set to become one of the leading countries in the field of education. Within the Indian states, Kerala has the highest literacy rate of 93.91 percent whereas Bihar averaged 61.8 percent literacy. The Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) and National Institutes of Technology (NITs) are globally acclaimed for their standard of under-graduate education in engineering. IIT is one of the most common exams given by students in India. IIT JEE is an academic examination held annually. We at Topper’s Academy will help you to decide your future by comparing and providing you with all the information that might need about the Best Coaching Institutes here in India.

Why are the IIT-JEE Coaching classes important?

Coaching classes are important for maintaining consistency in preparation, one can secure a seat in IIT with self-study but a coaching institute sure does help a lot when it comes to completing the syllabus on time. IIT coaching institutes provide students with some extra time buffers by making them prepare for the IIT-JEE exam from class 11, time is extremely important for success in the examination. Coaching classes help the young aspirers by providing them oodles of study material which they might not be able to get their hands on if they’re self-studying, these coaching institutes also understand the importance of mentorship and how motivation can greatly affect a young aspirers success. 

Important Topics for IIT-JEE :

Candidates can refer to these topics during last-minute preparation but in no way should devote their entire time only to these topics.

Quick Tips and Tricks to ace the IIT-NEET Exam :

Here are some quick tips and tricks for all you late minute preparers and all-nighters to ace the IIT-JEE exam.

  • First and foremost know your subject, syllabus, and exam pattern, we have mentioned all three above in this article, we have also provided a list of important topics.
  • Secondly, time management, have a timetable chart prepared long before the exam date and mark out the dates of the exams, also mark when you should probably be finished with your subjects and start focusing on revisions, follow a rigid timetable, and have ample time to solve mock tests. 
  • Practice as many mock tests/sample papers/ previous exam papers as you can, yes they help, yes your preparation is incomplete without solving them.
  • Revision is the key, even if you think that you’ve revised enough and don’t need to go through everything again, revise again. Revision is never enough, put immense focus on the revision aspect as it will help you and increase your chances of success.
  • Lastly, take good care of yourself, many aspirants forget about the importance of good sleep. You can only perform at your best if you’re rested well, eat healthy nutritious food, spend time with your family/friends, get a good laugh, it’ll help you relieve some stress, and take proper sleep. Try meditation and get your neck some exercise as studying for long hours may create discomfort and stiffness in your body which might hinder your performance.

Here is the list of the best IIT-JEE coaching institutes in India 


Best IIT-JEE Coachings in India has come up with this list of the top 10 online IIT-JEE Coaching Institutes in India with all the information which one might need. This list consists of information about the study material, benefits, features, quick tips, and tricks from the top IIT-JEE Coaching Institutes in India. 


Rank No. 1 – Topper’s Academy 


We at Topper’s Academy understand the importance of the IIT-JEE Exam and provides you the aspirer with the most sought out information and study material. We provide our students with useful tips and tricks which helps them to ace their exam. 

Personal Attention :

At Topper’s Academy, we believe in providing each and every student with equal and topmost attention as we believe that each student has the potential to crack the IIT-JEE exam but need a little bit of extra attention and our expert faculty team is always ready to iron out the imperfections of our students and helps them in achieving their goal.

Classroom Program :

At Topper’s Academy, we work hard and strive to ensure that every student is able to have a grasp on each and every subject and concept. Our expert faculty team puts in special efforts to ensure that every child is learning well and are on the right track to success and achieving greatness.

Program Objective :

We at Topper’s Academy focus on making the students understand and consume the fundamental concepts of subjects and on sharpening their analytical skills by mere applications of concepts for achieving great success in the exam. Our faculty team provides each student with a personalized strategy for time management to get maximum results.

Courses Offered by the top IIT-JEE Coaching institute in India :

The institute provides multiple courses such as IIT-JEE, NEET, NTSE, KVPY, and Olympiads.

Some of the extra features which the institute provides to its students :

  • Each and every concept is explained with step-wise solutions to make sure the core concept of a topic is clear to students.
  • Students are free to study from online e-books which are available from the institute e-library or they can study from booklets and regularly updated study material that the institute provides.
  • Feedback coming in every week helps students develop their skills and boost their performance.
  • With limited batch sizes, no students are left unattended and each student is provided with the utmost attention and focus.

Rank No. 2 – Thehinduzone Institute :

Another greatly talked about and flagship coaching institute of India, Thehinduzone Institute has made it its mission to provide a flagship quality coaching experience at a non-flagship price. Thehinduzone Institute has surpassed many flagship coaching institutes and has become one of the best IIT-JEE Coaching institutes in India. The institute is able to provide a quality teaching experience with loads of benefits to its students at a low cost. The whole mantra of the institute is to make education easily accessible, and fun while providing a flagship-like experience. Video lectures are provided to the students to make learning more fun, the institute also provides learning material which optimized for each and every student so that they can study in a strategic manner, furthermore, this technique eliminates the doubts of students as recorded video lectures can be accessed at all times. 

Our Strategy :

At Hinduzone Institute we believe that quality education doesn’t have to necessarily come at a huge cost, to tackle that we provide recorded video lectures for our students which can be accessed at any time, and from anywhere. This lets us provide students with continuously updated study materials, helps us in clearing doubts of students, and also greatly enhances the learning process and makes it fun.

Courses which we provide :

UPSC, Bank PO, IIT JEE, and NEET examination preparation courses are provided to students.

Features that distinguish us from other coaching institutes :

  • The regular test series consists of a rank booster test which helps students to know their level of understanding.
  • Live Online integrated classes are provided to students to ensure 100 percent focus level and attention of students.
  • Small batch sizes so that teachers can focus on each and every individual and clear doubt in the classroom itself.
  • Doubt clearing classes are held every week.

Rank No. 3 – Aakash Institute :

The oldest institute which provides coaching for the IIT-JEE exam, Aakash Institute has been in the industry for almost 31 years and has produced over 3 lakhs of results in Medical and Engineering Entrance Exams. The institute has a clear approach, it ensures that students are able to understand and retain information which they are being taught and are able to keep up with the classes, by doing this the institute helps students in understanding basic core concepts clearly. One of the special features of the institute is that it continuously updates the study material to ensure that students are provided with the best quality learning material, the institute also holds interactive classes to enrich the whole experience and to ensure that the students are provided with a flagship learning experience.

Stand out Features of Aakash Institute 

  • The new technology of class on demand by providing a video lecture library that students can access at any time anywhere the institute is always ready to embrace the newer technology and implement it successfully.
  • By conducting regular tests and assessments and AIATS the institute makes sure that the students are keeping up with the classes and helps them in clearing the basic core concepts.
  • Long-distance learning programs are available for students who live outside the city.
  • The institutes’ excellent and experienced faculty shapes the young aspirants by holding regular motivation sessions.
  • Solved examples are made available for students on a regular basis.

Rank no. 4 – Brilliant Tutorials 

The sole aim and vision of Brilliant Tutorials are to provide the world with top-class Engineers, and the institute is very well accomplishing its mission and helping many young aspirants to fulfill their dreams. Brilliant Tutorials cultivate the young minds in such a way that they perform better than their own expectations, the institute slowly enhances each and every skills and ability of an aspirant and helps them explore their potential and overcome their difficulties. Brilliant Tutorials has come a far away since its inception, students from all over the country come to the institute with their dream of cracking IIT.

Courses offered by Brilliant Tutorials :

Brilliant Tutorials offers various courses such as AEEE, IIT JEE (Main and Advanced), SRMJEE, BITSAT, GPAT, NEET-UG, AIIMS, PGIMER, MCI Screening, GATE.

Features that make us one of the leading coaching institute of IIT-JEE exam preparation in India :

The institute provides students with a detailed theory portion, core concepts explained in a simple and easy to understand manner.

Features of Brilliant Tutorials :

  • Well designed and regularly updated study material is provided to students.
  • The institute is providing short term programs as well as long term programs (1-2 years).
  • Constant support is provided to students on their website in order to help students achieve their goals.
  • “Videopedia” is the institute’s video-recorded classes which are made available to the students so that they can access them anywhere at any time.
  • Regular test series and doubt clearing sessions are held.

Rank No. 5 – S-Orbit 

 In its endeavors of becoming The Best Online IIT JEE Coaching in India, the institute performs its duties to the nation by creating students to be inspired, committed Doctors/ Engineers who can serve society and humanity at large. The institute is dedicated to supporting the Medical/Engineering aspirants to achieve good success and build a career by providing them specialized and affordable teachings and guidance. To provide the best learning opportunity to the aspiring Medical & Engineering students by delivering quality learning and knowledge to compete and succeed in the NEET/ IIT-JEE Exams is the sole aim of S-Orbit.

Salient Features of S-Orbit :

  • The institute has paid as well as free courses available on its website for students.
  • Scholarship programs are held in the institution.
  • Weekly tests help students strengthen their core concepts.
  • Previous years’ question discussion and analysis.
  • Regular test series are conducted to ensure the concepts are clear to students and help them realize their potential.
  • Various online courses are available such as IIT-JEE, NEET/ AIIMS, Foundation.
  • Digital classes are available for access to students.

Rank No. 6 – The Super Minds

The Super Minds institute firmly believes that every aspirant has the ability to succeed, it’s just a matter of proper guidance and mentorship. The institute is committed to enriching its student’s lives with oodles of knowledge, to achieve this the institute has a very calm and stable approach towards studies, this brings out the potential of students and transforms their lives in a positive manner. Minor and major tests are conducted after the accomplishment of every topic to assess the performance of students on a regular basis. These tests measure important skills like the problem-solving approach and persistence in tackling problems that teachers try to instill in students. 

Special benefits provided by The Super Minds :

  • Academy has a student portal to ensure students do not miss updates, receive study material in time, practice on test materials, and much more.
  • Facilities that the institute provides help in boosting the performance of a student and strengthens their core ability to retain and grasp knowledge.
  • The teaching methodology of the institute improves the concentration of students and their application skills drastically.
  • Study with patience and attention is the motto of the institute and it instills this habit of patience and attention in each of its students.
  • Test series are provided to help students to get an idea of what to expect and also get their own tricks for the tests.

Rank No. 7 – Career Point :

One of the most successful coaching institutes in the country, Career Point has set a milestone in the industry by being one of the most dynamic, vibrant coaching institutes. A team of exceptionally qualified faculty members who with their teaching methodology and student-centric approach have made Career Point in India one of the Best Online IIT JEE Coaching institutes. With a mission to serve society through excellence in education, the institute aims at defining and continuously refining the absolute standard of excellence in the field of academics with sky-high ideals and a commitment to excellence.

Salient Features of Career Point :

  • The institute provides 100 percent scholarship programs for students.
  • E-tutor course provides all features of classroom coaching to students at their homes.
  • Recorded lectures by the institute’s expert faculty are made available to the students.
  • The institute provides students with study at home courses.
  • Live classes, recorded video lectures, study material packages help students in their studies.

Rank No. 8 – Giraffe Coaching 

Run by teachers from IIT Kharagpur, IIM Bangalore, the Giraffe Coaching in India is one of the most compelling coaching institutes. With over 90 percent of board and CET questions coming from Giraffe Coaching’s course material the coaching becomes that much more compelling to many students. Giraffe Coaching helps students of different colleges to attend coaching either during or immediately after college hours at their own college premises, hence saving a lot on travel, time, and energy. Giraffe Coaching provides students with a 2-year long term program in which a student at +1/1st PUC level can take up integrated coaching for I & II PUC + Entrance, the institute provides students with various courses at multiple levels.

Courses offered by Giraffe Coaching :

I & II PUC, CET, JEE Main, NEET, NATA/JEE Architecture.

Distinguishing Features of Giraffe Coaching :

  • The institute provides students with multiple courses like a 1-year long term program, 2-year long term program, summer vacation program, and many more.
  • Tests are conducted on a regular basis and online model exams are also given to boost the performance of students.
  • The institute conducts mock tests and tutorials which focus on optimizing students’ performance.
  • A crash program is immediately started after the board exams and ends just before the actual NEET.


Rank No. 9 – CatalyseR 


CatalyseR has reached out and helped a large number of students who’ve been keen and have the potential to prepare for IIT/Medical entrance exams. The expert faculty at CatalyseR has been providing a focused, result-oriented education framework to the students. From providing round-the-clock facilities to the students to ask their queries and resolve any difficulties, the CatalyeR also has a student portal to ensure students do not miss updates, receiving study material on time, practice on test materials, and much more. Catalyser is one of the best coaches for IIT JEE and NTSE preparation in India with outstanding results over the years to back it up. Students have shown excellent performance in preparation as well as in exams, and this has strengthened the academy’s aim to ensure they reach out to every potential candidate and help them to nurture with the best possible facilities.

Features of the most versatile IIT-JEE Coaching Institute in India :

  • The institute has an amazing exert faculty that has been providing a focused, result-oriented education framework to the students.
  • Students can resolve their queries anytime as the faculty team is available round the clock.
  • Academy has a student portal to ensure students do not miss updates, receive study material in time, practice on test materials, and much more.
  • Study with patience and attention is the motto of the institute and it instills this habit of patience and attention in each of its students.

Rank No. 10 – Elite 

Elite Institute provides students with unmatched and undivided attention so that they can prepare for their exam and clear it with flying colors. In order to unlock the true potential of a student, the institute conducts regular mock tests, this ensures that the students are performing their best, hence the feedback which is prepared by the faculty members is based on their performance on the test, this feedback then helps students understand and get an idea of where they stand in the competition and what necessary changes they need to make to ace their exam. As every student learns differently, the institute provides a free demo class so that students can understand the quality of classes and on the basis of that decide whether they want to take admission in the institute or not. Each and every student is provided with personalized learning material that boosts their performance and reflects the areas of improvement.

Courses provided by Elite 

MBA/BBA/BBM, Bcom./Mcom., Engineering subjects, MBBS/BDS, Bank PO/IBPS, IAS/UPSC/KPSC, IIT-JEE, IIT JAM/JEST, NEET coaching, KVPY/OLYMPIADS/IIT Foundation coaching classes.

Highlights of Elite :

  • Aptitude tests are held regularly in classrooms.
  • The institute provides students with special crash courses.
  • Counseling camps for students are held.
  • Shortcut techniques from the toppers are provided to students.


Best IIT-JEE Coaching Institutes in India has prepared this article to help you the young aspirants in choosing a coaching institute that provides you with regularly updated study material, frequent doubt clearing sessions, mock tests, revision sessions. Take special benefits provided by coaching institutions into consideration they can help you in immeasurable ways. Make sure that whichever coaching institute you choose should fulfill all of your requirements and is light on the wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.1 Is the syllabus for JEE Main paper 1 and paper 2 the same?

Paper 1 will consist of topics from maths, physics, and chemistry whereas paper 2 will consist of maths, aptitude, and drawing tests.

Q.2 In how many languages is IIT-JEE conducted?

 IIT-JEE examination is conducted in 3 languages which are Hindi, English, and Gujarati.

Q.3 What are the pros and cons of taking coaching for the IIT-JEE exam in Chennai?

Many coaching institutes provide distance learning but if the candidate is a resident of the city then he/she should pursue classes in the city which will end up saving them money on accommodations as they wouldn’t have to pay for hostel fees.

Q.4 How to crack the Joint Entrance Examination?

One of the toughest competitive entrance examinations in the country. Students start preparing for this examination early in their teens. With the right mindset, any student can crack this examination. Although this examination takes rigorous practice and a focused mind.

Q.5 What are the topics that are in the JEE Mains syllabus but not in the JEE Advanced syllabus?

Sections that are not included in JEE Mains in the JEE 2021 advanced syllabus such as Environmental Chemistry, Semiconductor, Communication System, Mathematical Reasoning, etc.

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