Top NEET Coaching in Tiruchirappalli
Top 10 NEET Coaching in Tiruchirappalli
November 18, 2020
Top NEET Coaching in Salem
Top 10 NEET Coaching in Salem
November 18, 2020
Top NEET Coaching in Bhubaneswar

Top NEET Coaching in Bhubaneswar

Top NEET Coaching in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar is the largest urban agglomeration. Bhubaneswar is the administrative headquarters of Bhubaneswar Nagar district and Bhubaneswar division. Educational institutions in the city consists of three state universities. They are as follows: Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University is one of the largest universities in Asia comprising to urban and rural students offering professional and academic courses. Chandra Shekhar Azad University of Agriculture and Technology and Harcourt Butler Technical University (HBTI). A public engineering college Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar is in the city. It was one of the first among Indian Institutes of Technology established in 1959. There is also a private university in the city called Rama University, part of the Rama Group. There are several more private technical and management institutions.

NEET Coaching in Bhubaneswar

Some of the prestigious medical colleges situated in Bhubaneswar are Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Memorial Medical College (GSVMMC or GSVM Medical College) and Lala Lajpat Rai Hospital (LLR Hospital), which is popularly known as Hallet Hospital, is associated with GSVM, Bhubaneswar .

Most of the students are enrolled for coaching to crack competitive medical entrance exams like NEET to get into the medical institutions. NEET is one of the most prestigious medical entrance examination held every year. This examination is hosted by CBSE to allow students to seek admission in medical and dental courses across the country, in colleges that have been approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and Dental Council of India respectively.

Choose Best NEET Coaching in Bhuvaneshwar

You should plan a good strategy on how to prepare for NEET exam to get a seat in the top medical colleges in the country. Three students have broken into top 100 from Bhubaneswar city.  Prerak Tripathi AIR 33, Vidushi Singh AIR 88 and Mohit Vashya AIR 90 are the top three gems who topped NEET 2018 from Bhubaneswar . Prerak Tripathi had his medical preparation from Aakash. Likewise, you too should choose the best coaching institute for your NEET entrance exams preparation. There are so many coaching institutes available in Bhubaneswar for preparation of Medical but you need to choose the right one. So, to solve your confusion regarding the choices of coaching institutes, we are providing you with the list of best 5 NEET coaching institutes in Bhubaneswar which help you to crack NEET.

List of Top 10 NEET Coaching in Bhubaneswar

Best 10 NEET Coaching in Bhubaneswar will be discussed here. Contact Details, Address, fees, Location, Ranking of Top NEET Coaching Center in Bhubaneswar.

First in the List of Top 10 NEET Coaching in Bhubaneswar is

Rank 1 Topper Academy

Toppers Academy is the most preferred online training platform for the preparation of top medical entrance examinations to fulfill the needs of expansive aspirants willing to set a career in the medical field. Toppers Academy provides standard education for the NEET, IIT-JEE exam domains in India. Being former coaching established 20 years ago with a sole competence to bring the world’s best doctors who will be curing patients with proficient expertise skills. Aspirants looking to get through top medical colleges in India must acquire knowledge and training from the best coaching i.e. Toppers Academy to crack the top medical exams like NEET, IIT-JEE, etc. It has been live now due to covid-19 pandemic situation bringing up the change to match the latest trends of education so far. Medical is considered to be the most esteemed domain operated by the masterful people in the world. The Uniqueness of this coaching is to Motivate students, channelize them to stand out in the crowd.


Small batches of 30-35 students for personalized attention

Subject expert faculties

Definitions of key-concepts on a mouse-over

Contact Details and Address

Best NEET Coaching In Bhubaneswar

Toppers Academy / Top Neet Coaching In Bhubaneswar
Address NEET Coaching Institute
Contact Number +91 7827048964
Fee structure Crash Course RS: 36,000+ 18% GST Foundation Courses include

For 1 Year: Rs 55000 + 18 % GST

For 2 Years: Rs 9,00,00

Batch Size 35 – 40 Students
NEET Notes NEET Coaching Notes, Study Material, Test online, Offline
Teachers Name Best NEET Coaching Faculties in Bhubaneswar

  • Dr. Himadari  –   Expert In Biology
  • Pradeep Kumar Sir –  Expert In Mathematics
  • Sumit Mishra  –  Expert In Physics
  • Kokil Jain –  Expert In Chemistry
Past Result Last 3 Years Result

  • 70 Total Selections with 4 in Top 10 All
  • 35 Total Selections with 5 in Top 20 All
  • 34 Total Selections with 3 in Top 20 All
Google Reviews 5 out of 5 stars
Website http://toppersacademy.app/

Second in the List of Top NEET Coaching Bhubaneswar is

2. The Hinduzone NEET Coaching in Bhubaneswar

The HinduZone Neet Coaching is one of the most famous institutions in India that provides comprehensive test preparatory assistance to students for preparation of medical entrance examinations. The Institute initially started operations in Delhi with a few students. But with the vision of Mr. J.C. Chaudhry, a reputed teacher and an educationist, some of these students cracked the medical entrance exam securing top ranks. As a result, The Hindu Zone Coaching turned into one of the best NEET coaching institutes for preparation of medical entrance exams. This institute consists of highly educated and trained faculty. An approach called ABC (Action Based Coaching) technique is used to clear fundamental concepts of students. For weaker students, special classes are conducted towards performance, improvement and learning. The top rankers in NEET are from this coaching institute from last many years. This coaching institute uses “Tailor-Made” teaching methodologies. The study material is such designed that it satisfies the conceptual competitive academic need of students. Prerak Tripathi of The Hindu Zone Coaching Institutes broke into top 50 by securing AIR 33 in NEET 2018.

Contact Details and Address

Best NEET Coaching Center in Bhubaneswar

   The Hindu Zone in Bhubaneswar
Address Online NEET Coaching
Contact Number 8595907572, 0120 4160241
Fee structure Rs. 90,000 to Rs. 1,50,000
Batch Size 35 – 40 Students
NEET Notes NEET Coaching Notes, NEET Exam Preparation Booklets, NEET optional coaching Notes, NEET Coaching Notes, Video Lectures, Live Classes with faculty, Chat Facility Available
Teachers Name Best NEET Coaching in Bhubaneswar
Past Result Dhiraj Choubey, MAYANK GOSWAMI, Amiya Kumar Panda, Niyaz Ahmed, Sulabh Khemka
Google Reviews 5 out of 5 stars
Website https://thehinduzone.com/


Third in the List of Best NEET Coaching in Bhubaneswar

3. Eklavya Classes in Bhubaneswar

  • This institute provides their own comprehensive study material to bridge the regional gap.
  • They also provide revision classes that improve the confidence of weak, non-serious and shy students along with the toppers.
  • Extra classes are arranged so students can clarify their doubts.
  • The coaching institute also actively uses modern technology in their coaching practices, such as audio-video classes and online test series.
  • They provide up to 100% scholarship to students seeking admissions to their institutes through ANTHE.
  • Topic-wise & logically created text materials are available.
  • MCQs based Tests & Quizzes are organized every month.
  • Doubt resolution by experts is done.

Contact Details and Address

Address: PLOT-NO. 11, Satya Nagar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751001
Phone: 070088 11550
Website: eklabhyaclasses.com

Fourth in the list of Top NEET Coaching in Bhubaneswar is

4. AB Medical Academy in Bhubaneswar

AB Medical Coaching is one of the best NEET coaching institutes in Bhubaneswar. They have their best faculty for medical entrance exam preparation. They have led an educational movement, which is dedicated to the modest cause of helping students across the country to make them succeed in their professional career like Medicine & Engineering. They also offer infinite dignity in personal and professional life. The mission is to provide a comprehensive counselling that addresses the academic career development of all students. It provides a methodology that is fully integrated and works with students to ensure quality learning and lifelong success. This institute produced a historical result when two of its students secured All India Rank-2nd and 5th in the entrance exam. In this institute, there are 3-6 lectures in a week for each subject. The lecture duration is of 90 minutes. They arrange internal tests weekly which are of two types namely part tests and cumulative tests. These tests help students to prepare well and clear their doubts regarding the exam. The institute provides topic wise question bank which is further divided into two parts MQB-I for objective questions and MQB-II for subjective questions. At the end of MQB, there is a miscellaneous exercise which is good for the student’s practice. There were a total of 17 students from AB Medical Coaching who secured ranks in top 500 in NEET 2018.

Contact Details and Address

Address: A/2, Satya Nagar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751007
Phone: 090907 22722
Website: abmedicalacademy.org.in

Fifth in the list of Best NEET Coaching in Bhubaneswar is

5. Resonance Bhubaneswar

Resonance Neet Classes is a well-entrenched name in the field of PG Medical Entrance Exam for over 16 years now, under the leadership of Dr. Sumer Sethi. It is the number 1 coaching institute for the PG medical entrance examinations. The institute’s aim is not only to provide specific knowledge and strengthen the bedrock of the students in PG Medical Entrance but also to infuse them with determination to crack the entrance exams at post-graduation level. To explore the potential of the students and to help them master the subject, they have developed voluminous scientific teaching as well as testing methods.


Comprehensive subject wise teaching by expert faculty and authors of popular books.

Detailed Notes are provided by their renowned faculty.

MCQ based brainstorming sessions are held regularly.

Only institute in the country which can claim of 85% overall success rate that is out of 100 students that join them 85 get through for sure

Contact Details and Address

Address: Plot No. 21/5, Near Regional Science Centre,, Acharya Vihar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751013
Phone: 0744 665 5055
Website: resonance.ac.in

Sixth in the list of Top NEET Coaching in Bhubaneswar is

6. Aakash Institute NEET Academy in Bhubaneswar

Aakash Institute provides its students with a set of study material that has been made to ensure comprehension of even the most difficult topics. It comprises of well-designed layouts, innovative explanations, simple examples and also other research-proven techniques of study material presentation. Every key concept is explained using carefully chosen questions provided with stepwise solutions which explain the core application of the concept. To satisfy their students, they always go beyond their capacity. That’s why their students are highly satisfied. It was at Reliant Institute , that for the first time (as far back as 1990) students were admitted through an Admission Test for coaching. The course content is so self-sufficient, that a student can safely rely, solely on Reliant Institute study-material without going through any other books or guides with no unnecessary confusion. Their students feel more confident on the eve of examination than any other aspirant.

Contact Details and Address

Address: 10, Aditya Plaza, 3rd Floor, Sachivalaya Marg, Bhauma Nagar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751001
Website: aakash.ac.in

Seventh in the list of Best NEET Coaching in Bhubaneswar is

7. INEET Coaching Centre in Bhubaneswar

INeet is among the few institutes that have revived the education market and given it completely a new face. If INeet is at the height, it is simply because of the hard slog, authenticity, strong planning and blessing of almighty. Preparing for a medical career is an important part for ultimately paving a road to stupendous success. This freedom is best provided by INeet , the renowned and leading institute for Medical Entrance Exams. The institute strives to provide a suitable platform for imparting the best and qualitative academic training to the diligent students. It has strong guiding principles and deeply believes in result-oriented training. It provides the students with a vibrant intellectual environment where they attain the educational experience and skills required to follow their dreams. The syllabus is extensively designed in such a manner that each student is practically exposed to key learning. Relevant and appropriate study material is designed so that the student can excel in the entrance exam. The hidden abilities and talents are discovered and adequately promoted to help the aspirants to meet success. Besides academic excellence, INeet ingrains strong ethical values which actually form the base of a medical career. The institute also inculcates self-confidence and interpersonal communication skills which are so essential to maintain that fine balance between conscience and ambition.

Contact Details and Address

Address: 109, Khandagiri Temple Rd, Khandagiri, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751030
Website: ineet.org.in

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Frequently asked Questions on Top NEET coaching in Bhubaneswar

What are Ranking of NEET Coaching in Bhubaneswar ?

  • RANK 1: Toppers Academy
  • RANK 2: The Hindu Zone Online NEET Coaching
  • RANK 3: Eklavya Classes in Bhubaneswar

How good are the NEET Coaching in Bhubaneswar ?

There are many good Online NEET Coaching . You should check our list of best Online NEET Coaching .

What are the Best NEET Coaching in Bhubaneswar ?

Toppers Academy is the organization which gives the right platform to the students who want to succeed in government examinations .

What are the Top 5 NEET Coaching in Bhubaneswar?

  • RANK 1: Toppers Academy
  • RANK 2: The Hindu Zone NEET Coaching
  • RANK 3: Eklavya Classes in Bhubaneswar
  • RANK 4: Ab Medical Academy in Bhubaneswar
  • RANK 5: Resonance Bhubaneswar

What is the Fees Structure of NEET Coaching in Bhubaneswar?

The average fees Structure of Online NEET Coaching is about Rs.1,00,000.

What is the Location of NEET Coaching in Bhubaneswar?

You can check the address from our list and open google maps to know the location of each coaching.

What is the Admission Process of NEET Coaching in Bhubaneswar ?

For admission process of Online NEET Coaching you can visit their institute or can contact through them via phone number.

What is the Review of NEET Coaching in Bhubaneswar ?

The review of Online NEET Coaching are mostly positive. All the coachings provide very good study material for online preparation of NEET Exam.

What are the Top NEET Coaching in Bhubaneswar ?

  • RANK 1: Toppers Academy
  • RANK 2: The Hindu Zone Online NEET Coaching

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